How To Make A Proper Dissertation Citation In APA Formatting Style

It might appear to be such but citing references in the APA style is not difficult at all. The APA is one of the most used formats in the academia and citation is a very important part of this format, like it is in almost every format of academic writing.

This format is considered extensively in the social sciences and humanities fields of studies. You can cite almost any source in the APA style with the help of guidelines created by top experts from coursewrork writing services. The citation guides have been revised freshly in adherence to the 6th manual of the APA.

Citing a book in the APA format

When citing books while writing a paper in the APA format, note that:

  • The first letters of respective first words in titles and subtitles have to be capitalized. The same applies for proper nouns.
  • The book’s title should always be stated in full, including any or all subtitles that apply. The entire name should be mandatorily italicized.

Now, start with the surname, followed by a comma and the initial of the first name. This needs to be followed by a space. Mention the year of publishing within brackets. Now write the entire title and subtitle of the book and italicize the entire thing. Put a full stop. Write down the citing and state of the publisher spaced by a comma. Then write down the name of the publisher.

Citing a website in APA

Citing websites in the APA format is not much difficult either. The general format that goes with websites can be understood by his example:

Lelon, J. (2007, May 8). The Love of the Lead. Retrieved from http://nameofthe url.extension

You will have to write the surname first, followed by a comma and the initial letter of the first name. Then write the year, the month and the day of publishing within brackets. Then write the article or blog title. Mention the URL from which the article has been retrieved at last.

Citing interviews

While personal interviews are considered non-recoverable pieces of data, you may mention these references as in-text citations. Here is the format and the explanation:

(D. Matt, personal communication, May 15. 2006)

Start with the first name, followed by the last name and mention “personal communication” within brackets. Now mention the month, date and the year when the interview was recorded. Again, remember the data in interviews is considered non-recoverable.