A Collection Of Winning Dissertation Topics In Finance For MBA

When you are looking for a winning MBA dissertation topic, ensure that it sparks splendid ideas in your mind. Prioritize the books and save your internet search in a separate document which you can refer later on for the information that you found highly useful. When you are looking for some valuable topics in academic papers- Finance, ensure to write on updated information with the recent data collected from the authenticated sources.

Check out some shortlisted topics in Finance for MBA-

  1. Discuss Shipping Finance in North America. Talk about shipping industry in this country in details offering options for investment.
  2. Throw light on Financial Risk management in marine industry.
  3. Write a qualitative academic paper in Finance where you call financial management programs and Financial Risk indicators as the best topics to be discussed in this subject. Discuss various risk indicators offering explanations in this context.
  4. How Cross Border investment risks are related with laws to prevent volatility. What is the significance of both the terms in Financial Market?
  5. What is ‘Bubble Bursts’ in Dutch Banking sector? How global recession has affected the domestic industry of Dutch banks. Analyze its different situation in the Scandinavian country.
  6. How internal efficiency is handled by IMF initiatives? How new projects are implemented by the management despite of illegitimate acts? What is the role of IMF in dealing with such situations?
  7. What is ‘Quantitative Business Theory’? Write an overview on it in context of Bank of England.
  8. Write the significance of WTO. Talk about various roles performed by it in dealing with the financial market.
  9. How corporate sectors are linked with capital structures?
  10. What is the significance of individual investment? How individual investment boosts up the economy. Gather at least 2 current examples from the existing scenario and draw an extensive picture on it.
  11. What are the various hidden repercussions of economic downtime in International market? How consequences of recession in global arena is considered to be outstanding. Write a compare and contrast essay on the topic.
  12. Why Britishers chose Spain for making most of their investments. Write a list of all the motivational causes.
  13. How Islamic baking has played a significant role in financial market at international scale?
  14. Why financial market is observing a credit crisis?
  15. Write a dissertation on “Debt and equity selections of various firms”.
  16. How customer contentment in telecommunication industry decides the growth of the company.
  17. How the economy of developing countries are affected by the fiscal policies.