An Excellent Topic List For An MBA Marketing Thesis

If you are working toward your MBA in Marketing, you will have to write a thesis. It will take you about a year to complete. You will have to get topic approval before you can begin to write it. You will have to ask a faculty thesis advisor or some local professional masters thesis writing services to help you work through this rigorous project. The first step after the school paperwork will be the topic choice.

You want a topic to be fresh and current, but to also show a knowledge and appreciation of the subject field. You will probably pick a topic relative to your interest and what you want to work on after the degree. You can pick a subfield, a country, or a business technique to explore. As you look for an excellent topic for your MBA Marketing thesis, you can use our suggestions.

Excellent Topic List

  • Look at the techniques used in different countries. See where certain approaches are similar and similarly effective, and then where they are not so effective.
  • A great topic to consider is the iconic Super Bowl successful ads and failures. You could also track the changes. Another idea might be to look at a company who has marketed during the Super Bowl for a long period of time and the end results.
  • Unique techniques such as racecars, hot air balloons, plane flying over the beach, and people in front of store in costumes would make great material for your project.
  • If you follow celebrities or sports stars, you might want to look at some of their branding techniques. Additionally with athletes, a consideration of athletic shoes is a very intriguing topic idea.
  • You could look at social media impacts on marketing-what works and what does not work.
  • Gender issues with marketing, what is acceptable and no longer acceptable, and how to market across all genders is a trending topic.
  • In the year of the US Presidential election, it would be very interesting to compare and contrast the different approaches. You could also look at the effective and failing approaches from the past presidential elections.
  • The Olympics have interesting approaches in the field. You can look at any of the years and see what worked and what did not work and why. The different approach by countries, what worked, what was effective, and what was not, is always interesting, as well.