A List Of Creative Research Paper Topics For Biology Majors

At the time of finding the topic for your research paper make sure that you are having something easy and unique at the same time. If you are going to select the topic which is easy, but there is not the scope of content, then there will be no appreciation of you by the staff. However, if you select something unique with a wide scope of content, too, then, of course, this paper can be your winning academic paper. Here we are providing you some of the best creative topics for your biology research paper.

  1. Reasons behind diabetes and what is the role of coffee and tea in this disease?
  2. Role and understanding of bipolar.
  3. Eczema skin conditions and possible treatments to stop it right away.
  4. What kind of virus in rodents helps them in spreading the virus so quickly in the body?
  5. The functionality behind the frog jump and what is the purpose of their jumping rather than walking?
  6. What is the connection between evolution and flies?
  7. Why we can’t survive without honey bees. What will happen if all honeybees die?
  8. Typical complication when you are compiling yourself with your first cousin?
  9. Concerns regarding cloning and how much it is helping humans? What should be the concerns of the society at this point?
  10. Why colors of the flowers affect the butterflies and how they see the flower from their eye?
  11. What should be the possible next stage of the evolutionary process? What will be the effects of the evolution?
  12. The risk of getting diabetes when you drink fizzy drinks? What are the effects of these drinks in the blood?
  13. Negative and positive aspects of acid rain on the natural environment.
  14. How to control the Ebola disease and what are the possible steps to control the virus in an effective way?

These are some easy yet unique biology research paper topics, and you can choose some from these. You can bring out the best content and make your research paper different from the rest of the fellows. To select a topic is sometimes a tricky thing because you have to observe every aspect of the topic and then you should think about your personality too. Select the topic according to your personality and then bring out the best content which can help people have some awareness.