10 Outstanding MBA Dissertation Topics On Strategic Management

The Master f Business Administration is one of the world’s most highly sought after qualifications. If your studying to attain one and it’s dissertation time, here are some topics you could try:

  1. Succession planning withing Family Businesses
  2. Family businesses can fail if they don’t properly plan, way in advance, for the day when the person who started the business is no longer there to call the shots.

  3. How Marketing Strategically can decimate the competition
  4. Marketing makes a huge difference in how much money a company can make. It can also undermine competitors completely but the person has to know how.

  5. The Key to forming a Cohesive Rebranding Strategy
  6. A rand can be very valuable or it can e a liability. If the second option happens to you, it takes some strategic actions to make things better.

  7. How Entrepreneurship can help managers plan
  8. Managers who started near the top of organizations might not understand the consequences of their actions. This topic can show how a few years at a start up can come in handy at a bigger company later on.

  9. Human Resources and managing millenials
  10. People in this age group think and act differently to their predecessors. Companies that don’t recognize this and act to suit are likely to fail.

  11. Planning for a Trump presidency
  12. This may not have seemed possible years ago but now w just have to deal with it. There will be economic and financial repercussions that businesses should plan for or risk not surviving.

  13. How to lull your competition into complacency
  14. Sometimes the best way to lead is to play dead. Many companies have risen to the top this way.

  15. Should Creatives be CEOs?
  16. A good argument could be made that some of the wonderfully artistic things about creatives make them useless in the boardroom.

  17. How do the managers of Car companies deal with driver-less cars?
  18. Driver-less cars will soon be the standard in the automotive industry. Those who are ill prepared may end up obsolete.

  19. What is the position of the modern female CEO?
  20. Women are still paid less than men. This topic can look at how women CEOs can negotiate their way out of that trap.

    There may be many other options available but these are definitely some of the best. Try your hand at them. You may do quite well.